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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Preparing to be Unprepared

So, we have a Judge Dredd Miniatures tournament coming up at the club. Right now it's a nice, comfortable distance away. September 8th to be precise. Before then, we have to come up with some suitable scenarios for creating a sequel to the Necropolis storyline from 2000AD and paint up a suitably huge number of zombies for those scenarios and big the multi-player finale to the event.

And since this was all pretty much my idea, I expect that I'll be doing most of that myself.

I have enough zombies, following some last minute purchases at Salute I have at least 150 of them sat on sprues waiting. And I have 4 months to paint them in. No problem right? Maybe not for someone who's considerably more organised than me. So I've just booked the first week in September off from work, with no plans other than sitting at home painting zombies for a week. Because I know that's how things will turn out.

On a more positive note, I've managed to get another Dreadball team painted over the weekend. I thought cutting down the pile of unpainted figures a bit would feel good, but my next batch of rewards for backing the Dreadball kickstarter arrived today. So now I've got 4 more unpainted Dreadball teams to add to the queue.

Ho hum.

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